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Beer Birthday: Jason Petros

Today is the 45th birthday of Jason Petros, who is part of The Brewing Network, and co-host on the Session, host of Dr. Homebrew, plus he inexplicably has a podcast about Disneyland called EarzUp Podcast. He really likes the happiest place on earth. He even has a side business, covears, selling colorful covers for your mouse ears. Oh, and he’s the social media director for the Brewing Network, not to mention an avid homebrewer, of course. Join me in wishing Jason a very happy birthday.

Jason (far left), at the 3rd anniversary party for the Brewing Network in 2008 at Downtown Joe’s in Napa.

See, I told you he liked Disneyland … and churros.

Men in Plaid: Justin Crossley, Shaun O’Sullivan and Jason at an SF Beer Week opening a few years ago.

Jason and his wife Taren at Drake’s Dealership a couple of years ago.

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