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Beer Birthday: Vic Kralj

Today is the 64th birthday of Vic Kralj, who is the co-owner of The Bistro in Hayward, California. Celebrator publisher Tom Dalldorf used to own the Bistro, which was originally a wine bar that Tom re-invented for beer, and then Vic and Cynthia bought it from Tom (with one deadbeat in between) and set it on its present course. Vic added the IPA Festival, then championed Double IPA with a second festival, helping it get style recognition. The Double IPA Festival also became one of the anchors for SF Beer Week. He also does a Wood-Aged Beer Festival and something with fresh hops. Vic’s a great person who I’ve gotten to know pretty well, especially since he’s been on the Celebrator Tasting Panel since the early 2000s. Join me in wishing Vic a very happy birthday.

Vic and me around 2006.

Vic and Dave Keene from the Toronado.

Judy Ashworh, Dave Millar, Mitch Steele and Vic at the Bistro IPA Festival in 2007.

Rich Norgrove, from Bear Republic, and Vic.

Matt Sallie and Vic.

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