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Beer Contains “No Evil”

Good news from Texas. Apparently beer contains no evil after all. I guess it must be lost in the boil. A former Baptist minister, Greg Methvin, said the following during the Dallas Uptown Church’s Theology Live lecture series held at — where else? — the Ginger Man. “There is no evil in your beer.” At first I thought he was talking about the ingredients, but no, what Methvin meant was different. He went on. “Even things that can be abused, such as alcohol and the Internet, are not of themselves evil.” I certainly hope that extends to multiples, insofar as I’m writing about alcohol on the internet. Might be a double whammy. With so many religious extremists involved with neo-prohibitionists and feverishly against any alcohol, it’s certainly nice to see a more reasonable take. The lecture series is apparently designed to win over young newcomers to the church. Next up in the series: “Tainted Love.” I guess they must be going for the Soft Cell.


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