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Beer In Ads #11: Schlitz Just Couldn’t Wait

Today’s ad was chosen with Christmas is mind. It’s a Schlitz ad from 1950 and it was created by famed illustrator Albert Dorne.

I love the story unfolding in the ad. The guy is pouring the beer while peering mischievously up at the clock, which reads just a few minutes to midnight. Presumably that means they’re putting up their tree Christmas Eve at the very end of the day. Talk about procrastinators! But then there’s the look on the woman — doing all the work, as usual, right ladies? — who looks aghast at the effrontery. Or is that bemusement? Surprise? Hard to say. But it’s pretty funny, I’d say.

Anyway, drink up. Happy Xmas Eve.

If you can’t read the text, either click on the ad for a larger view or read the transcription below.

Just Couldn’t Wait

When a man’s Christmas present is a case of Schlitz, who can blame him if he opens it a little early?

This great beer has a matchless flavor all its own. We think you’ll like Schlitz best, too. And if you’re looking for a present for someone hard to please, remember…Schlitz tastes so good to so many people, it’s

The Largest-Selling Beer in America

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