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Beer In Ads #1940: First Of The Home Grown Corn

Sunday’s ad is entitled First of the Home Grown Corn, and the illustration was done in 1952 by Douglass Crockwell. It’s #71 in a series entitled “Home Life in America,” also known as the Beer Belongs series of ads that the United States Brewers Foundation ran from 1945 to 1956. In this ad, a family sits on their porch as Dad holds a bundle of freshly picked corn. Behind him, a fairly vast tract of land is filled with cornstalks and a stone grill billows smoke from is chimney. We planted six plants last year, but didn’t pick them in time, so technically we still have not yet harvested the first of our own home grown corn. But these people seem pretty serious about it. That looks like a field, not a plot.

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