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Beer In Ads #1955: World Series U.S.A.

Monday’s ad is entitled World Series U.S.A., and the illustration was done in 1953 by John Falter. It’s #86 in a series entitled “Home Life in America,” also known as the Beer Belongs series of ads that the United States Brewers Foundation ran from 1945 to 1956. In this ad, a group of people have brought their television set out on the front porch to drink beer and eat hot dogs and watch the World Series. Notice that the table it’s sitting on has wheels, suggesting moving it around was a common occurrence. I don’t think we ever moved our television. And was watching outside a thing people did? I remember in one of my favorite films, “Frequency” (a kind of time travelish thriller), they also watched the 1969 World Series on their front porch, and that would have been 16 years after the ad ran. Still, it looks like they’re having fun.

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