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Beer In Ads #2347: Boston ‘Pops’ Concert

Monday’s ad is by the Brewing Industry Foundation, from 1945, part of a series of ads the beer industry undertook just as World War 2 was ending, after their “Morale is a Lot of Little Things” series. They were also a precursor to the “Home Life in America” series that was numbered (and which I’ve featured before), and very similar. Each ad featured an original illustration or work of art by prominent artists of the time, along with the first use of the “Beer Belongs…enjoy it!” tagline. It’s also when the UBIF started using “America’s Beverage of Moderation” in their advertising.

In this ad, entitled “Boston ‘Pops’ Concert,” the scene shows a packed auditorium listening to a concert orchestra on stage. The painting was done by Lucille Corcos, who was an “American painter known for her figurative painting and printmaking” from Aledo, Illinois.

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