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Beer In Ads #2718: What’ll You Have With Various Dishes

Tuesday’s ad is for Pabst Blue Ribbon, from 1954. Starting in the early 1950s, Pabst started a new ad campaign with the tagline “What’ll You Have” which lasted for a few years. They were colorful ads, and often had the tagline spelled out in creative ways. Since this is the last day of July, I have several more of these ads, so here’s four of them to finish out the month. In these ads, “What’ll You Have” is written on various objects surrounding different dishes. First, on a salad bowl with skewers, then on the tool for cracking a lobster, around the metal stand for a bowl of stew, and on the wooden carving board with big, thick steak on it. In each ad, there’s also a full glass of beer and a bottle Pabst Blue Ribbon on the table.

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