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Beer In Ads #3068: Beer, A Natural Drink

Sunday’s ad is for Swiss Beer, from 1976. From the late 1800s until the 1970s, poster art really came into its own, and in Europe a lot of really cool posters, many of them for breweries, were produced. This series of posters were made to promote Swiss beer by the Swiss Brewery Association. Three posters using the same artwork but with slightly different taglines in three different languages, as detailed below, all having something to do with beer being a natural beverage and the three main ingredients. They were created by Swiss artist Erich Hörner.

French: La bière, boisson naturelle, which translates as “Beer, a natural drink.”
Italian: Birra: La natura tre volte, which translates as “Beer: Nature three times.”
German: Im Bier ist die Natur zu dritt, which translates as “In beer, nature is a threesome.”
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