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Beer In Ads #3089: Brauerei Haldengut Winterthur

Sunday’s ad is for the Brauerei Haldengut Winterthur, from around 1900, though at least one source claims it’s from 1877. From the late 1800s until the 1970s, poster art really came into its own, and in Europe a lot of really cool posters, many of them for breweries, were produced. This poster was made for Brauerei Haldengut, in Winterthur, Switzerland, located in the Canton of Zürich. It was founded between 1841 and 42, when “Ferdinand Ernst expanded his farm ‘Haldengut’ on the southern slope of the Lindberg in Winterthur to include a stately brewery. They began brewing in 1843. In 1994, Heineken acquired the brewery, who closed it in 1997. The artist who created the poster not known.

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