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Beer In Ads #2179: Heineken Refreshes Shakin’ Stevens

Monday’s ad is for Heineken, from the 1970s. In the later 1970s, Heineken embarked on a series of ads with the tagline “Heineken Refreshes the Parts Other Beers Cannot Reach.” Many of the ads were in a sequential panel, or comic strip, format and they were intended to be humorous.

In this ad, a three-panel format, the British rock ‘n’ roll singer Shakin’ Stevens — “the UK’s biggest-selling singles artist of the 1980s” — can’t stop shaking. His real name is Michael Barratt, with his stage name adopted when his band changed its name to Shakin’ Stevens and the Sunsets. Somehow in the second panel he manages to hold a mug of Heineken to his lips and take a sip, which promptly cures him of shaking.

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