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Beer In Ads #3233: Tuborg Golden Lady

Thursday’s ad is for Tuborg, from 1995. From the late 1800s until the 1970s, poster art really came into its own, and in Europe a lot of really cool posters, many of them for breweries, were produced. I’ve been posting vintage European posters all year, and for the remainder of December will feature holiday-themed posters of all ages. “Tuborg is a Danish brewing company founded in 1873 on a harbour in Hellerup, an area North of Copenhagen, Denmark. Since 1970 it has been part of the Carlsberg Group.” This poster was created by Steffen Bloch in 1995 for the 100th anniversary of Tuborg Gold, which debuted in 1895 for the export market. The beer was also known by its nickname, “The Golden Lady,” which was the inspiration for this poster.

The most famous “Golden Lady” was Danish actress Annette Strøyberg, who worked as a model for Tuborg as the Golden Lady in the mid-1950s before she began acting in 1958.

Annette Strøyberg advertising for Tuborg Gold around 1958.
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