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Beer In Ads #3450: Ginder-Ale: That’s No Small Beer!

Tuesday’s ad is for Ginder-Ale, from probably 1950s. From the late 1800s until the 1980s, poster art really came into its own, and in Europe a lot of really cool posters, many of them for breweries, were produced. I’ve been posting vintage European posters all last year and will continue to do so in 2020. This poster was created for Brouwerij Martinas, which was also known as the Brouwerij Ginder-Ale after 1928, when their best-known beer was introduced. The brewery was founded in 1871 in Merchtem, a municipality located in the Belgian province of Flemish Brabant, by Florentinus De Boeck. In 1973, it was acquired by Brouweij Artois and today is part of AB-InBev, who still makes the beer for the local market of Merchtem. I don’t know who created this poster. The text in the thought bubble, showing us what the dog is wondering, “Dat is geen klein bier!,” Google translates as “That’s no small beer!” Which is, of course, an understatement. Dude, get a glass.

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