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Beer In Ads #3767: Prohibition Does Not Prevent You From Drinking Rainier

Thursday’s ad is for “Rainier Beer,” from 1920. This ad was made for the Seattle Brewing & Malting Co., who made Rainier Beer, and was later known as the Rainier Brewing Company of Seattle, Washington. This one is for their non-alcoholic beer with the tagline. “You cannot tell the difference.” I personally doubt that claim, but who knows? Probably the first beer I ever had was a can of a Near Beer my mother bought for me when I was in my early teens. You could tell the difference then, and you could tell the difference will every N/A beer I’ve had up until maybe five or so years ago when people finally figured out ways to create flavorful ones. But Rainier’s was apparently made using there “patented process of de-alcohlization,” adding it’s “fully fermented and aged.”

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