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Beer In Ads #3825: Very Few Women Are Allowed To Drink It

Sunday’s ad is for “Rainier Beer,” from 1963. This ad was made for the Seattle Brewing & Malting Co., who made Rainier Beer, and was later known as the Rainier Brewing Company of Seattle, Washington. This one I have to assume is meant to be tongue-in-cheek given the full text of the ad. Although it does seem a little tone deaf by today’s standards, in 1963 it could have been serious or meant to be funny, it’s hard to tell. With statements like it “is man’s traditional right to quaff Our Product,” you have to wonder. But then they quip about southpaw banjo players being rare and that “Rainier Ale is neither light nor dry; it is dark, powerfully wet, and always has been. A blazer of a record.” And now we’re right back to being absurd. I wonder if many people took them up on the offer of getting a copy of the ad “suitable for framing.”

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