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Beer In Ads #58: Ruppert People Have A Thirst For Living

Thursday’s ad is for Ruppert Beer, because today is the birthday of Jacob Ruppert, Sr., father of his more famous son Junior or Jake, who founded the famous New York brewery in 1867. Ruppert’s most famous brand was Knickerbocker, a Dutch name that eventually became a term for New Yorker (and where the basketball “Knicks” got their name). Based on the colorful outfits in the ad, I’m guessing early Sixties. The slogan “Ruppert People Have A Thirst For Living” is pretty awesomely funny, but I really love the copy below it, more of that sparkling text of the era.

Ruppert people are folksier, friendlier, joksier, livelier. Their beer is Ruppert Knickerbocker, the beer with the flavor as lively as they are. Ruppert flavor took a hundred years and four generations of Rupperts to create. You can taste the difference. Blindfolded.

Sounds like a challenge. Blindfold me. I certainly want to hang out with people who are “folksier, friendlier, joksier, livelier,” especially that guy with the pipe. I bet he tells a mean joke.

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