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Beer In Ads #694: Boy Did Those Grilled Steaks Used To Taste Swell

Friday’s ad is another pro-beer ad by the United Brewers Industrial Foundation, this one from 1944, when we were fully engage in World War II. The UBIF did a series during the war that reminded people back home what the soldiers fighting on their behalf were missing, and also reminded people what they were fighting for, which in this case was the ability to have a backyard barbecue with steak and beer. I love the text, especially toward the end:

Wholesome and satisfying. how good it is … as a beverage of moderation after a hard day’s work … with good friends … with a home-cooked meal.

A glass of beer or ale — not of crucial importance surely … yet it is little things like this that help mean home to all of us, that do so much to build morale — ours and his.

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