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Beer In Ads #730: Waiting In Line To Vote

Monday’s ad is for Schlitz, from around election day in 1941. It shows a cross-section of 1940s persons waiting in line to vote. The year before, FDR won an unprecedented third term for U.S. president. So in 1941, I’m not sure what election would have been taking place or what the hot button issues of the day would have been, though I’m sure World War 2 was big on everybody’s mind. Given that voting districts are usually small neighborhoods, this one appears to be unusually diverse based on the appearance of the people in line. It’s amusing that the caricature of the “rich person” in bowler hat and monocle is the only one looking at his watch. He must be the only busy person with somewhere else to be.

But regardless of your socio-economic status, your party affiliation, or any other divisive category, please vote tomorrow. Cheers.

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