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Beer In Ads #758: William Penn For Budweiser

Thursday’s ad is another in the Budweiser historical series from 1908. The black and white ad is text-heavy and includes a history lesson on William Penn, who founded the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. After discussing Penn, the ad copy switches to hops. “Lupulin has created a stir in the medical world because of its great Tonic properties for stomach disorders. It is found in the highest and most effective form in Saazer Hops, grown in the province of Saaz, Bohemia. The Anheuser Busch Brewing Ass’n, St. Louis, U.S.A. import more of these hops than all other breweries in the United States, and use them exclusively in their famous Budweiser.” Anybody know if ABI still uses an Saaz — er, Saazer — hops? I know they own hopfields in the Hallertau (I’ve been to those) and also in Idaho (ditto), but in the Czech Republic?

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