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Beer In Ads #8: Eugene Oge’s Biere au Diable

Today’s ad is an old classic, by Eugene Oge, a French illustrator who did a number of great beer adverts during his lifetime from 1861-1936. He was a major figure in the Belle Epoque and did many outstanding ads for resorts, food, and all sorts of beverage brands. This ad, known as Biere au Diable (Beer to the Devil) was done in 1912. I’ll undoubtedly feature more of his posters, but this is probably my favorite. I love the bright colors, the contrast and the simplicity of it. As they (you know who “they” are) say, “in heaven there is no beer.” If true, then this is where we must go to drink it. I’m not spending eternity without beer. I’ll meet you there.

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