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Beer In Art #102: More Vincent Van Gogh’s Wheat Fields

Last week’s artworks were all paintings of wheat fields by Vincent Van Gogh for the most recent Session on wheat beers. Since wheat fields were a favorite subject for Van Gogh — throughout his life he painted at least 40 artworks that included a wheat field — I couldn’t help but feature several more again this week.

Wheat field, painted in 1889.

Green Wheat Field, also painted in 1889.

Wheat Field with Reaper, from 1888.

Sheaves of What in a Field, from 1885.

Sunset Wheat Fields Near Arles, from 1888.

Wheat Field Behind Saint Paul Hospital with a Reaper, from 1889.

Wheat Field with Cypresses at the Haute Galline Near Eygalieres, from 1889.

Sunset Wheat Field with Sheafs, from 1888.

For more about Vincent Van Gogh, Wikipedia is a good place to start, though there’s even more at the Vincent Van Gogh Gallery, which has a complete list of his works. There are also tons of links at the ArtCyclopedia and another biography at the Web Museum.

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