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Beer In Art #158: Marcel Gromaire’s The Beer Drinkers

Today’s work of art is by the social realist French artist Marcel Gromaire, and the majority of his ouvre depicted characters in social settings. Our featured painting is no exception, and it shows a pair of men enjoying some pints of beer in a pub, inn or cafe. The title of the work is The Beer Drinkers, which Gromaire painted in 1924. Today it hangs in the Musee d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris.

Here’s one analysis of the painting:

Marcel Gromaire was decidedly northern in his style, and after 1918, became one of the foremost practitioners of what could be called Expressionist Cubism. In this genre scene, he depicts beer drinkers smoking pipes in a rundown cafe. The simplified forms, the exaggerated features, the geometric construction and the restrained colours are all characteristic of this expressive painting.

To learn more about Marcel Gromaire, you can start with Wikipedia and there are a few more of his works on ArtNet and Scholars Resource. ArtCyclopedia has many more links, as well.

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