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Beer In Art #160: LeBrie Rich’s TV/Dinner

Today’s work of art is a thoroughly original, unique work of contemporary art. The medium is not paint, but “stitched commercial wool felt combined with needle and traditional wet felting.” The Portland, Oregon artist, LeBrie Rich, originally created it as a window display for the local knitting shop Knit-Purl. Hard as it is to believe, everything except the aluminum tv dinner tray and the plastic fork is made of felt.

Appropriate for today, the work also includes a football game on the felt television.

And, of course, there’s a beer. In this case, the TV dinner is paired with a can of Hamm’s.

And finally, here’s the TV dinner itself. Hungry? Probably a lot of fiber.

To learn more about LeBrie Rich, check out the biography and resume on her own website. And there’s a short profile on Craft Corps. She also has some of her other items for sale on Etsy, and his online store Penfelt.

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