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Beer In Art #31: Mark Stosiak’s Beer Bottles

I haven’t highlighted a contemporary western artist for awhile, so today’s works of art brings us forward once again for a painting completed just three years ago. It was painted by Canadian artist Mark F. Stosiak in 2006. It’s called Beer Bottles and features two Canadian beers, Moosehead and Le Cheval Blanc.

Stosiak’s website only reveals “I’m a Canajun, eh?” and at his Trollboy blog, he doesn’t tell us anything personal but he does talk a little bit about the process of his art:

The process of creating is what I find the most fun. The smell of oil paint, the texture, the act of mixing and applying colour to the surface. running out of paint and reloading the brush. The feel of the pencil scratching back and forth on paper. Smoothing clay with my fingers and detailing with various tools like dental picks, searching for different tools or making my own. Getting a colour or shape just right. Getting my hands dirty.

There’s a little more information on Stosiak at his biography at the Digital Consciousness Artist Database, which lists the following:

Biography: Living in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, he spends a great deal of time trying to get the world in his head onto paper and canvas. Country: Canada Birthyear: 1974 Media: oil Style: surrealistic Subjects: other, A variety of strange creatures, places, and situations

The majority of his artwork is actually fairly surreal, and in fact these beer bottles are a very small part of his online oeuvre that involve fairly normal subjects. He mostly does these delightfully weird creatures he calls Monstah’s.

Apart from his own regular website, he also displays his artwork at Trollboy’s Blog, which is where the beer bottles painting is shown. He also has a gallery at Deviant Art.


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