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Beer In Art #76: Neal Barbosa’s Lagunitas Dog

Today’s works of art is by a very fast painter, Neal Barbosa, who bills himself as the performance painter and the live painter. I first saw his work at last year’s Lagunitas Beer Circus, which was held again today at the Lagunitas Brewery. Barbosa was there again, outside near the stage, painting to music, the way he prefers it. Last year, he painted a version of the Lagunitas dog, which I happened to catch him finish.

And here’s the original it’s based on.

Here’s a brief Biography:

Neal Barbosa paints during music. A performance artist based in southern & northern California, Neal’s art studio is often a stage he shares with bands such as Fishbone, Alfred Howard & the K23 Orchestra, Acacia, Frogdog Rocks, Shiny Toy Guns, New Orleans Social Club, Larry Carlton, New Soul Underground and many others. As the band performs, so does Neal. He paints what he hears and feels.

Neal Barbosa painting at the 2009 Lagunitas Beer Circus.

You can see more of Barbosa’s art on his Facebook and MySpace pages.

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