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Beer In Art #85: John Skelton’s Guinness

Today’s works of art are by John Skelton, an Irish artist who passed away last year, in 2009. Born in 1925, Skelton studied art in Belfast, Northern Ireland and later at St. Martins School of Art, London, where he began his career in the 1940s. The first painting of Skelton’s I stumbled upon is not part of the works featured in his online gallery, it’s title is Aran Pintmen. There’s a Guinness sign above a half dozen lads at the bar drinking their pints of Guinness that reads “Guinness Is Good For You” in Gaelic.

Here is the Guinness painting. Below is a larger version in a frame on a wall.

Several other of his paintings were also set in Irish pubs

Donegal Man. Killibegs, Co. Donegal, from 1999.

A Corner In A Kerry Pub, from 2001.

A Drink With Brendan, from 2001.

To see more of Skelton’s work, check out his paintings at Osin Gallery, where you can also read his biography. The artist’s son Michael is also setting up a new website, John Skelton Online, to honor his father’s memory and his legacy.

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