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Beer, Water & Responsibility From Full Sail

Boy, the Hood River is picturesque, especially as it’s filmed in this newly produced video for Full Sail Brewing, all about Beer, Water & Responsibility. In today’s Press Release, they discuss their water and how they strive to use it wisely.

A great brew begins with great water. Full Sail is located in Hood River, Oregon at the base of Mt. Hood, where pristine water literally flows from the springs on the mountain. The video was filmed at and around the brewery, celebrating both the breweries exceptionally low water use and the beauty of the environment that inspires this commitment to preserve this valuable resource.

“When we look out from our brewery we can see both the Columbia River and the snow-capped peaks beyond, highlighted up against the clear blue skies. We feel so lucky to work in this truly amazing place. It would be impossible to live and work in the Columbia River Gorge and not be inspired by the sheer beauty of the place. It’s not hard to figure out what would attract us to this setting. And it is our love for this environment that drives our sustainable practices, so pure water, local ingredients and responsible processes are poured into each and every pint,” says Full Sail’s Executive Brewmaster, Jamie Emmerson.

It really is a beautiful part of the country, something of a paradise, especially since there’s so much good beer all around.

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