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Bobble Openers

Perhaps you noticed that for the past few months I’ve also been writing Beer Therapy over at Real Beer. Starting in November, I also resurrected the Holiday Blog , which for two months will highlight winter seasonals and holiday beers along with gift ideas for beer lovers. I’ve been posting a new beer everyday and gift ideas almost as often. I’ve tried to not duplicate postings between the three, but I think these Bobble Openers are too cool not to mention again.

These are the sort of things you either love or hate. They’re very colorful and modern looking, not at all like a traditional bottle opener. But for the right bar or kitchen, they’re pretty cool. Fun wobbly figures open bottles with their strong stainless steel teeth.

Designed by Kikkerland, they’re fairly inexpensive depending on where you get them, making them a great stocking stuffer. Amazon sells them for $6.90 per bobble opener, Silly Goose for $5.95, but only $4.95 at Fishboy, and they’re $6.00 at the Kikkerland Shop. The only downside is you can’t choose which color you get. Or, apparently, which expression either, as those seem to vary, as well. Personally, I just think they’re very cool looking.



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