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Braille Beer

Duesseldorf’s famous Uerige Obergärige Hausbrauerei, known more simply as Zum Uerige, makes one of the finest Altbiers in the world. And now they’re the first with another beer milestone.

Imagine if you couldn’t see the beer you were drinking. You’d have to take the word of whoever put the beer in front of you as to what it was. But now Uerige’s alt beer label will be printed in braille, allowing the blind to know exactly what bttle of beer they’ve got. In a short item by Ananova, Joanna Zimmer, an activist for the blind, was thrilled by the news. “For blind people every drink is actually a lucky dip. You often have no idea what’s about to go in your mouth. But with this bottle you are clearly told what it is — and that’s fabulous.”

As far as I know, this is the first beer for the blind. B. United imports several Uriege beers into the U.S. No word yet as to when or if the braille labels will be here in the United States.

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