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Today in 1822, Brazil gained their Independence from Portugal.


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Guild: Cobracem (Brazilian Brewer Association); Sindicato Nacional Da Cerveja

National Regulatory Agency: Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Food Supply (MAPA); National Advertising Regulatory Council (Conselho Nacional de Auto-Regulamentação Publicitária, CONAR)

Beverage Alcohol Labeling Requirements: Labels must include the following information: Name of product; Beverage type (e.g., wine or beer); Importer name and contact information, if applicable; Company identification number; Country of origin; Alcohol content; Net volume (in metric units); Date of production; List food additives; Statement of ingredients.

Drunk Driving Laws: BAC is Zero in theory. De facto persons above 0.02% receive a fine and have their license suspended for 12 months. Above 0.06% is deemed a crime.

Alcohol Consumption By Type:

Alcohol Consumption Per Capita (in litres):

WHO Alcohol Data:

Patterns of Drinking Score: 3

Prohibition: None.

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