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Brewmaster Ranked #1 Cool Job

CNN, through their sister website, ran a fluff piece where they listed their choices for the nine coolest jobs that pay well. Topping the list was “Brewmaster.” I’m not quite convinced about the “pays well” part, but they list the median income as $42,430, based on data from They justified their choice with this questionable bit of logic:

To put it mildly, a lot of people like to drink beer. It’s associated with goods times, 21st birthdays and football games. (In fairness, it’s also associated with hangovers the next day.) Who wouldn’t want to be the creator of a tasty ale that will be imbibed by many the partygoer? Plus, you get to do taste-testing along the way, which is always fun.

Brewmaster beat out toy creator, doll fashion designer and even sommelier. I’m glad to see it top the list, and I’m certainly not arguing it doesn’t deserve to be there, I just think brewers deserve to be paid better. Now that would be cool.


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