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Brunch at BridgePort

I was invited to brunch at BridgePort Brewing and was keen to see the newly renovated space. The brewery had been under construction the last time I’d been in town and had reopened earlier this year. I must say I was a little disappointed that the brick and ivy exterior was gone and in its place a sallow stucco. Inside, though thoroughly modern, was spectacular, if a little too polished for my tastes. But it does seem to fit with the Pearl District’s overall new look and feel. The food was excellent and they had all of their beers on tap, including many of the older ones I hadn’t tried for quite some time. I enjoyed a smooth Blue Heron Pale Ale with breakfast and sampled the wonderful Old Knucklehead, BridgePort’s barleywine.

This beautiful sign hangs above the bars and gives some great info about each beer, but it will make it pretty hard to change lineups, won’t it?

My table, with Stephen Beaumont, Paula Johnston (marketing manager for BridgePort), Tom Dalldorf and Marie Oliver, a Portland-based beer writer.

Channeling Belgian artist Rene Magritte, this painting seems right at home against the interior brick.

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