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Celebrator 20th Anniversary Party, Part 2

The four-hour regular session for the Celebrator Beer News’ 20th Anniversary Party began at four, after the hour-long V.I.P. session came to a close. As soon as everyone waiting in line was inside, a Dixieland band — led by a tuxedoed Tom Dalldorf complete with plunger — paraded into the hall, with the Celebrator writers bringing up the rear. For the next four hours, there was great food, music and, of course, beer.

A number of Celebrator Beer News writers, past and present, made it to the party from all over the world.

A Colorado-themed trio enjoy the festivities. Lauren Salazar (QA/Sensory Analyst with New Belgium Brewing in Fort Collins), Cheryl Black (co-owner of the Falling Rock in Denver with her husband Chris and his brother), and Jen Garris, San Francisco Beer Ranger for New Belgium.

For many more photos from the Celebrator 20th Anniversary Party, visit the photo gallery.

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