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Chicago Beer Society Tackles Beers Inspired by Belgium

When Ray Daniels and Randy Mosher put on a tasting, I sit up and take notice. This should be a good one. If you’re in the Chicago area in early July, you should definitely try to go to this one.

Chicago Beer Society Tasting Features Flavor & Diversity of Belgian Cuisine

From mussels to carbonnade and risotto to artisanal cheese, Belgian cuisine was made to pair with its flavorful and often quirky beers. On July 8, the Chicago Beer Society showcases the variety of Belgian-style beer and food with “Inspired by Belgium” a tasting grounded in the gustatory traditions of the European lowlands.

“In the past ten years, Belgian-style beers have captured the hearts and tongues of sophisticated American beer drinkers,” said Randy Mosher, organizer of the event and long-time Chicago Beer Society board member. “The unique flavors of the beers go beautifully with the flavors of Belgian cuisine.”

On Sunday, July 8, the Chicago Beer Society celebrates this culture with a tasting of Belgian-style beers and food. The event will take place from 1 to 5 pm, at the Dank-Haus, the German-American Cultural Center, at 4740 N. Western Ave., in Chicago’s Lincoln Square neighborhood. Ticket price will be $50, for member and $60 for non-members.

Catering by the Hearty Boys, an nationally known local firm, will include Belgian-style cheese, kriek-glazed chicken wings, carbonnade Flamande (beef in beer stew) and a beery risotto with sautéed shrimp and asparagus. In addition, The HopLeaf’s Michael Roper, will serve their signature dish: mussels steamed in beer sauce.

A range of beers from Belgium and innovative American brewers will allow attendees to experiment with flavors and pairings of this rich culinary culture. Attendees can expect to find everything from witbier to saison and abbey style to sour beers as well as the utterly uncharacterizable creations that define the Belgian approach to brewing.

As for the facility: “It’s a gorgeous room, with plenty of space for this walk-around event,” says Mosher. And since it is across the street from the Western Avenue stop of the Brown Line and steps away from the intersection of Western and Lawrence, public transportation is readily available.

Founded in 1977, the Chicago Beer Society is America’s oldest beer appreciation society. We are a not-for-profit, volunteer-run group dedicated to promoting great beer in the Chicagoland area. We have a reputation for producing well-run, creative and educational beer events. Our membership currently is around 450 persons. Our website is

For more information and tickets, contact the Chicago Beer Society or call 773-905-ALES.

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