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Coors Banquet Beer Puts Out Fire

This is awesome news, somebody finally figured out a good use for Coors Banquet Beer. ABC News is reporting that a Texas firefighter used cans of Coors’ beer to put out a truck fire. Apparently, Houston fire captain Craig Moreau and his wife were returning home after a trip to Austin when they happened upon an 18-wheel big rig on the side of the road, on fire. The trucker and Moreau used a fire extinguisher, but it quickly ran out. They thought they got it all, but underneath the truck it was still burning, having started in the brakes but spread to a tire.

Moreau asked the trucker what his cargo was, and discovered the truck was full of cans of Coors Banquet Beer. They grabbed cans from the back, and the pair “began shaking and spraying cans of beer on the blaze, and the fire went out.”

“I have no doubt if the beer hadn’t been there, the whole trailer would have burned up,” Moreau said. According to the Houston Chronicle’s coverage, “the tire continued to burn and eventually exploded. Fortunately, the beer worked and the blaze was eventually extinguished.” Go Banquet Beer!

A story in every can, indeed.

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