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Drinking Art

Here’s as quirky a piece of modern art a I’ve ever encountered. It’s by German artist Hannes Broecker, whose recent installation was exhibited in Dresden, Germany. The work is called “Drink Away The Art,” and is a series of flat, glass containers hanging on the wall filled with various colored cocktails, wine and beer. Drinking glasses were a part of the work, and gallery visitors were invited to each drain some of the drinks from off the hanging containers into a glass via a pressure-sensitive tap at the bottom of each one.

Drink Away The Art, a series of nine glass containers of alcoholic beverages.

Here you can see the taps protruding down at the right-hand corner of each container. Throughout each evening at the gallery, the levels of the liquids became lower and lower at varying intervals, creating new patterns every few minutes.

You placed your glass below the framed artwork, and drained some of whatever was in that particular container into it.


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