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Fairfax Brewfest

We’ve lived in Marin County five years now, and I’ve never managed to attend the Fairfax Brewfest. For various reasons, I’ve always been out of town whatever weekend it’s been held. But not this time, so I was happy to finally be able to go. This year was their 14th annual festival, and I carpooled down with my friend Brent Ainsworth, who’s an editor and reporter with our local paper, the Marin I.J. There was a baker’s dozen of breweries there at the Fairfax Pavilion, a small old wooden structure ideal for the event.

Because it was the weekend before St.Patrick’s Day, green was the predominant choice of clothing for most festival attendees, such as these three young ladies, who were typical of the festival crowd. It was a cool venue, a good crowd and some tasty beers. What more could you ask for in a small town beer festival?


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