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Fairy Tale Labels From the Brothers Grimm

Like most kids, I read (or had read to me) a lot of fables and fairy tales growing up. But a class I took in college on them reinvigorated my love of the genre, and I’ve continued to be a fan of fables ever since. Today, I have about two long shelves dedicated to collections of fairy tales from around the world, including the complete Brothers Grimm and an annotated volume of their more well-known tales. So I was excited to see the labels for the Grimm Brothers Brewhouse of Loveland, Colorado. The brewery opened in mid-2010 but somehow escaped my notice until recently. I don’t know if any of the brewery owners are brothers, or even named Grimm, but I’m guessing not, because their names are not readily available at the website or their Facebook page. But they’re certainly using the mythology of the Grimm stories to great effect in their beer names and especially the artwork, created by Ten Fold Collective, a local graphic design firm.

I just love the graphics for their labels. All of their packaging just looks amazing. I know that good packaging won’t mask a subpar beer for long, but it will enhance a good beer’s reputation and will help any beer stand out on increasingly crowded retail shelves. If their beer is only half as good as the packaging, it should be terrific. But it’s best to find out. Loveland is only about an hour north of Denver, on the way to Fort Collins. I definitely have to make a point to get out there during GABF week next year.

Here’s what the bottles look like, followed by close-ups of the labels themselves:

Snow Drop Honey Wheat Ale

Fearless Youth Dunkel Lager

Little Red Cap Alt Style Ale

Master Thief German Porter

The Griffin Hefeweizen Ale

The Farmer’s Daughter Oktoberfest Lager

And these labels are part of their “Fabled Series.”

The Count Imperial Stout

Big Bad Wolf Sticke Alt Ale

Sooty Brother Gratzer Ale

Weihnachts Bier Weizenbock Ale

Mirror Mirror Imperial Kottbusser Ale

Hare’s Bride Hefeweizen Ale

And this is a special release they did for Valentine’s Day earlier this year.

Bleeding Heart Cherry Chocolate Porter

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