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For Your Ears

I saw these the other week. Meredith, the better half of Chris Nelson, the Beer Geek, had a few pair she’d gotten from Michelle Venzke.

Anyway, I thought I’d pass the information about them along in case anybody needed a gift for the earring-wearing, beer-loving person in their life, or wanted a pair for themselves. The earrings were created by Michelle Venzke, whose husband, Matt Venzke, won Beer Drinker of the Year earlier this year. She created Brau Frau Designs and is selling her beer earrings online. According to the website, they’re available in several different colors of beads: Blue, Pink, Green, Lime Green, Amber, Yellow, Red, Orange, Gray, Black, Lavender. “The perfect gift for your favorite brau frau or any beer-loving woman, the beer mug earrings are available for $13 each or 2 for $24. Shipping and handling are included.”


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