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Fun From Antarctica

Antarctica Brewery is Brazil’s fourth-largest beer brand, and is owned by InBev, picked up from AmBev when they merged with InterBrew. They brew half a dozen beers, of which the Pilsen is the most popular. The brewery was founded in 1885, and is located in São Paulo.

Before I get grief from my wife — and Maureen Ogle — for using sexist imagery, let me explain that it’s not gratuitous, but central to this post. The woman below, Brazilian actress Juliana Paes, has been the face of the Brazilian beer company Antarctica for quite a while. I’ve read that most beer commercials in Brazil are filled with sexual innuendo, and Antarctica is no exception. According to one account, “Juliana is actually a fine actress but her good looks have landed her in Brazilian Playboy, been caught panty-less by the paparazzi (ala Britney) and she’s considered one of the country’s top sex symbols.” According to her Wikipedia page, she’s been in a couple of films and a lot television shows.



In 2003, Antarctica launched the “BOA” ad campaign, which stands for “Bebebores Oficiais de Antarctica” (Antarctica Official Drinkers). Apparently Boa is also slang for a “fine, voluptuous woman” in Portuguese. But click on either photo above or below to be taken to the “Bar da Boa” video commercial. First you’ll come to a splash screen where you need to fill some information. Trust me, it’s worth it. I don’t know Portuguese, but I think I’ve figured it out. The commercial itself is also in Portuguese, but it doesn’t appear to matter very much, you’ll get the gist of it. Follow these simple steps below.
  1. Seu Nome: Put your name here, just your first or both.
  2. Nome do Amigo Zoado: A friend’s name, preferably someone you want to taunt, perhaps a spouse? Whoever you choose, it’s best if they get to watch it with you or if you send it to them via e-mail.
  3. Seu Email: Your e-mail (this is optional)
  4. Email do Amigo Zoado: Your friend’s e-mail (this is also optional)
  5. Then click on “Vizualizer
  6. Laugh



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