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GBBF Winners Announced

The winners of this year’s Great British Beer Festival were announced yesterday. Here’s the list:


GOLD: Crouch Vale Brewers Gold
SILVER: Harveys Sussex Best Bitter
BRONZE: Triple fff Moondance



  1. Mighty Oak’s Oscar Wilde Mild (Essex)
  2. Elgood’s Black Dog (Cambridgeshire)
  3. Grainstore Rutland Panther (Rutland)


  1. Elgood’s Cambridge Bitter (Cambridgeshire)
  2. Acorn Barnsley Bitter (South Yorkshire)
  3. TIE

Best Bitters:

  1. Harveys Sussex Best Bitter (East Sussex)
  2. Triple fff Moon Dance (Hampshire)
  3. TIE

Strong Bitters:

  1. York Brewery, Centurions Ghost Ale (Yorkshire)
  2. Thornbridge Jaipur IPA (Derbyshire)
  3. Weetwood Oasthouse Gold (Cheshire)

Speciality Beers:

  1. Cairngorm Trade Winds (Highlands)
  2. Wolf Straw Dog (Norfolk)
  3. William Brothers Fraoch Heather Ale (Alloa)

Golden Ales:

  1. Crouch Vale Brewers Gold (Essex)
  2. Hop Back Summer Lightning (Wiltshire)
  3. Holden’s Golden Glow (West Midlands)



  1. White Shield: White Shield Brewery (Staffordshire)
  2. Hen’s Tooth: Greene King (Suffolk)
  3. Titanic Stout: Titanic (Staffordshire)

The scene at this year’s Great British Beer Festival.

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