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Giant Goddess Glass

It’s said that bigger isn’t always better, but then again sometimes it is. Case in point, more beer can be a good thing. With that in mind, Heartland Brewery is introducing The Beer Goddess®, The World’s Largest Glass of Beer (We Think).”

From the press release:

Heartland Brewery announces the introduction of The Beer Goddess®, a three-liter hand-blown Pilsner glass (that’s 6.3 pints, 101.4 ounces, or 8.5 cans) custom-made for Heartland by Rastal of Germany. Heartland Brewery believes that when filled with one of its locally brewed craft beers, the glass may be “The Largest Glass of Beer Commercially Available” (that is, served in a bar or restaurant), and has applied to the Guinness World Records to have it designated as such.

The Beer Goddess is available at all five Heartland locations and is served with a choice of six Heartland beers. The Beer Goddess costs $49, and does not include the glass itself, which is not for sale at this time. There are a limited edition of only 100 Beer Goddess glasses in circulation at Heartland Brewery restaurants.

Heartland Brewery founder Jon Bloostein, notes, “We appreciate that The Beer Goddess may not be for everyone, but we all know beer drinkers for whom it is perfect. That said, we are limiting orders to one per person and encouraging customers to share. While we think we serve the world’s largest beer (mind you, in a glass, not a pitcher), we invite the public to e-mail us with any examples from bars or restaurants around the world that they believe are larger.”

Heartland founder Jon Bloostein and Brewmaster Kelly Taylor show off the Beer Goddess glass.

In case you were curious, that ® refers to Beer Goddess being a registered trademark of Ale Street News.

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