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Happy International Brewers Day

Today is the first International Brewers Day. If you see a brewer today, remember to give him or her a hug. Or you could just buy him a beer or drink a toast to her honor, if that’s more your style. I’ve heard from people as far away and as far afield as New Zealand, Australia and Lithuania that are hosting IBD events today.

And hopefully, bloggers and beer writers will likewise take up the cause and write something today about a favorite brewer. If you haven’t already written me to tell me about your participation, please leave a comment here or at the International Brewers Day website. Or if you prefer, just send me an e-mail. Please give me the specific URL or address to your post about a brewer, or, if it’s event, give me the details (or even better send photos of the event and I’ll post them on the IBD website).

As it happens, I’ll be away until Sunday, so in reality you have through the weekend to write something about a brewer. As soon as I get back I’ll start posting links, photos and information about how everybody’s been celebrating the first International Brewers Day.

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