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Hawaii 5-0

A few months ago, with my 50th birthday approaching, I’d fixated on having a Hawaii 5-0 Party because I love puns so much. Plus, I love Hawaii and Hawaiian shirts, so I figured why not celebrate the half-century mark doing something I like. As you know, I also love beer, so I asked my good friend Dave Keene if I could have my party at his bar, the best pub in San Francisco — The Toronado. So on Saturday night, March 7, I had a Hawaii 5-0 brouhaha at the Toronado, which we dubbed “Toronado 5-0.” I had a lot of fun, and a number of friends and family were in attendance. I posted some photos from the party, but it’s not technically a beer event or necessarily an appropriate post subject, but what the hell. If you feel like looking at my birthday party snaps, who am I to deny you.

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With my kids, Porter and Alice.


For more photos from my 50th birthday party, Toronado 5-0, visit the photo gallery.


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