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Heavyweight Brewing Down for the Count

In two articles posted Saturday and this morning, the BeerYard is reporting that New Jersey’s iconoclastic Heavyweight Brewing will be throwing in the towel sometime this summer, most likely in mid-July. They have three more beers to brew and that’s it, according to the report. They’ll also be selling off their remaining stock of bottled beers.

In the BeerYard’s exclusive interview, owner Tom Baker indicated that he and his wife (and business partner) Peggy will most likely be looking to open a brewpub/good beer bar in the near future, probably in the Philadelphia area. So the news is bittersweet. While it’s sad news indeed that a craft brewer who made such interesting and delicious beers — I don’t think I ever had one of Tom’s beers I didn’t like — is closing, it sounds like there will still be a forum for Tom’s great beers, which is cause for great joy.

Heavyweight Brewing’s owners, Peggy Zwerver and Tom Baker.

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