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Historic Beer Birthday: Adam Eulberg

Today is the birthday of Adam Eulberg (August 15, 1835-May 20, 1901). He was born in Nassau, Germany but moved to Portage, Wisconsin with his family when he was 19, in 1854. In 1884 he and his brother Peter bought the City Brewery, which had been founded in 1852 by Carl Haertel. His brother Peter passed away suddenly shortly thereafter and Adam carried on the business alone, at least until his two sons were old enough to join him. Adam and Peter renamed the brewery Eulberg Bros. Brewery, but Adam’s family changed it to the Eulberg Brewing Co. in 1907. They survived prohibition making soda, and resumed beer production after repeal, but the Eulbergs sold the business in 1944. It closed for good in 1958.

This is Eulberg’s obituary from the American Brewers’ Review:

The Eulberg Brewery before he bought it, in 1880.

This short history of the brewery is from the Wisconsin Historical Society:

Milwaukee dominated Wisconsin’s early brewing industry, but successful breweries were found in communities throughout the state. In 1852, German immigrant Carl Haertel began producing beer in Portage, Wisconsin. In 1884, brothers Adam and Peter Eulberg, also originally from Germany, acquired the Haertel Brewery. The Eulberg Brewing Company remained in the family until 1944 and shut its doors permanently in 1958.

And here’s another history of the brewery building itself, which is still standing in downtown Portage, Wisconsin.

As far as I can tell, he’s not related to Caspar Eulberg, who was born in roughly the same area of Germany, and started a brewery in Galena, Illinois called C. Eulberg & Sons.

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