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Historic Beer Birthday: Cord Hinrich Haake

Today is the birthday of Cord Hinrich Haake (July 4, 1801-1845). He was born in Bremen, Germany. His father was Heinrich Wilhelm, who was a farmer from Möhlenhoff in the Freudenberg district near Bassum, who already had a beer bar there and his own “brewing rights.” In 1805, his father was accepted into the Brauer-Societät Bremen and won the “Gerechtsame” — permission to brew in-house. In 1826, Cord acquired the neighboring house of his future father-in-law, Hans Ehntholt, and in May of that year, he founded the C.H. Haake brewery. In 1832, Haake became the first to start producing bottom-fermented beer. In 1845, at age 44, Haake died, leaving the brewery to his widow.

In 1921, the Haake brewery merged with Kaiserbrauerei Beck & Co and the combined company name the two became Haake-Beck Brauerei AG. In 2002, it was bought by Interbrew, who today is Anheuser-Busch InBev.

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