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Historic Beer Birthday: George K. Schmidt

Today is the birthday of George K. Schmidt (December 18, 1869-January 1, 1939). He was the son of Kasper George Schmidt, who founded the K.G. Schmidt Brewery. He and his father also founded a bank and he opened a branch brewery in Logansport, Indiana.

Here’s a short biography from Find-a-Grave:

President of Chicago’s Prudential State Savings Bank, Vice-President of Chicago’s Board of Local Improvements, member of Chicago’s Board of Assessors, City Controller of Chicago.

Ran for Mayor of Chicago as the Republican candidate in 1931 against encumbent Mayor “Big Bill” Thompson.

Owned the K G Brewery in Chicago, and the K G Brewery in Logansport, IN which operated until 1951.

County Assessor and City Council Member for Logansport, IN.

A noted outdoorsman whose now famous, pristine duck decoy hunting rig produced by Charles Perdew, the Mason Decoy Factory and Robert Elliston is highly sought after by collectors.

The brewery Schmidt built in Indiana.

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