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Historic Beer Birthday: George Wiedemann Jr.

Today is the birthday of George Wiedemann Jr. (February 6, 1866-March 26, 1901). He was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, the son of George Wiedemann Sr., who founded the George Wiedemann Brewing Co. in 1870, in Newport, Kentucky. After his father passed away in 1890, he and his brother sons continued to run the business. After prohibition, the brewery merged with G. Heileman Brewing Company, and in 1967 was operated as the Wiedemann Division of the G. Heileman Brewing Company, Inc. The brewery was closed in 1983.

This is Wiedmann Junior’s obituary from the American Brewers’ Review from April 20, 1901:

Here’s another obituary from the Kentucky Advocate West:

And this obit is from the Cincinnati Enquirer:

And finally, this is from the Cincinnati Post:

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