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Historic Beer Birthday: William G. Jung

Today is the birthday of William Gustave Jung (November 5, 1886-September 17, 1947). I couldn’t find very much information about Jung, though I believe he was born in Germany. After seeking his fortune in America, he apparently worked at the Silver Creek Brewery, which also became known as the Chas. Hamm Brewing Co. in 1910. Unfortunately, Charles Hamm died of pneumonia while an American soldier in Europe in 1918. Jung, who was a brewmaster, leased the brewery from the Hamm family after Charles Hamm’s death (including making non-alcoholic drinks and soda during prohibition as the Jung Beverage Co.) until 1932, when he bought it from the family, renaming it the William G. Jung Products Co. Brewery, but a few years later shortening that to the Jung Brewing Co. It remained in business until 1958, when it closed for good.

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